Listen up, my friend. I am here for one reason. To help you be better with your money and time.

This is my noble cause if you will. Ooh, la la. Sounds so fancy but it’s actually quite simple…

I LOVE finding money and time-saving hacks. But what I love more is sharing them

You are in the right place if you can relate to this…

My Story…

I graduated from a top-ranked university in Canada in 2004 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. A few days after I wrote my last exam I start my first job at General Electic.

Fast-forward a couple of year and I got my first management job at Home Depot where I worked for 6 years. At Home Depot, I had huge financial responsibilities. I was intimately familiar with the Profit and Loss statements. I had to budget budget budget. Every. Single. Day.

Now, let’s re-wind several years…

Growing up, I wasn’t spoiled contrary to what my two older siblings think. To get the stuff I wanted, I had to earn the money. I became a good little money manager.

Then, when I finished school and started working, I also started making decent money for the first time in my life. It felt so freeing.

I instantly forgot how to manage my money.

Even when working at Home Depot budgeting $2 million in payroll dollars, I still didn’t make the connection that I needed to do this for myself too.

In 2008, I got married.

In 2011, we had our first child.

In 2014, we had our second child.

With both of my kids, I took a year off. That’s generally what we do in Canada.

At the end of my maternity leave in November 2015, I decided to try Consulting to continue in my field and give me the flexibility I need with two little kids.

Consulting has been fantastic for me. I have learned so much about being an entrepreneur over these past few years.

I got the entrepreneurial bug.

In approximately July of 2016, I started getting my business records for tax purposes together for the first half of the year.  This led me to start analyzing our finances in-depth and I wasn’t happy.

I created a very elaborate spreadsheet with a detailed analysis of our financial situation.

I knew we should be doing so much better; we should be more ahead than we are. I hadn’t given it much thought until then at 35 years old.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I became obsessed with our financial situation. Because of this, I became obsessed with finding ways to save money.

I started reading everything I could about personal finance and that is what lead me to this whole blogging thing. I also drew on the knowledge I learned from University and my business experience.

I kept seeing post after post about how great blogging is. I initially dismissed the idea thinking “I can’t do that, I wouldn’t even know where to start.” However, I kept stumbling across the idea and I started to read about it obsessively.

Maybe I can do this.

Here I am.

Why blogging? It is a natural fit for me because I like writing. I had forgotten how much I like it.

I also enjoy helping people solve problems and now that finding simple solutions to managing money is my passion, it’s a natural fit.

I read article after article about how anyone can do it if they have the dedication. It took me months to decide if I should take the plunge. I grappled with a lot of self-limiting beliefs such as:

  • What if I fail?
  • What if I don’t have the dedication?
  • What will my friends and family think?
  • What if no one cares about what I write?

During this time of reflection, we were also working really hard on improving our money situation. Yes, I have a degree in business and many of the courses I took and did well in were in finance, but not personal finance. This, I had to figure out on my own. So that’s my story.

The Noble Cause…

I get really jazzed up to help people.

I want to help you strive for a better more fulfilling life through the everyday that doesn’t put you in the red. Whether that be to continuously improve your finances, save money (I LOVE a good bargain!), make money, productivity, organization, etc.

Do you like it when the information you are looking for is organized and gets right to the point? Me too. That’s why I focus on keeping my articles straightforward, easy to read, and easy to implement.

You are probably looking for ways (like me) to be more efficient with your time, money, and energy. My hope is that I can share great ideas, lessons learned, and applicable products that will help you achieve your goals.

Let’s spend our time, energy, and money more wisely!

If you have any feedback or questions for me, please send me an email at kelly at noblenickel dot com.